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  • Fred Luster, Sr.

    Company: Luster Products, Inc. Position: Founder Industry: Personal Care Products Country: United States

  • Trevor A. Edwards

    Trevor A. Edwards

    Born: November 28, 1962, London, England, Position: President, NIKE Brand, Company: NIKE Inc., Industry: Apparel, Accessories, Country: United States

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  • Joel Gay

    Joel Gay

    Position: CEO, President; Company: Energy Recovery; Industry: Oil & Gas; Country: United States

  • Jason Njoku

    Jason Njoku

    Company: Iroko Partners; Position: Founder & CEO; Industry: Media, Internet; Country: Nigeria

  • Andre Johnson

    Andre Johnson

    Position: Head of Business Development; Company: The Virtual Reality Company; Industry: Entertainment; Country: United States

  • Guy Primus

    Guy Primus

    Born: July 1969, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Position: co-founder and CEO; Company: The Virtual Reality Company; Industry: Entertainment Country: United States

  • Jessica O. Matthews

    Jessica O. Matthews

    Born: 1989; Position: founder, CEO; Company: Uncharted Play, Inc.; Industry: Consumer Electronics; Country: United States

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