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  • Eric L. Butler

    Eric L. Butler

    Position: Executive Vice President - Marketing and Sales Company: Union Pacific Corporation Industry: Transportation Country: United States

  • Kenneth I. Chenault

    Born: June 2, 1951, New York, New York; Company: American Express; Position: Chairman and CEO; Industry: Financial Services; Country: United States

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  • Michael Lee-Chin

    Born: Port Antonio, Jamaica, 1951; Net Worth (2017): $3.14 billion; Company: Portland Holdings Inc.; Position: Founder, Executive Chairman; Industry: Financial Services; Country: Canada, Jamaica

  • David L. Steward

    David L. Steward

    Born: 1951, Chicago, Illinois, United States; Net worth (Bloomberg 2017-11-08): $3.72 billion; Position: Chairman & Founder; Company: World Wide Technology Holding Co., Inc.; Industry: Technology; Country: United States

  • William James Adams

    Born: March 15, 1975, Eastside, Los Angeles County, California, USA; Position: CEO & co-founder; Company: ; Industry: Information Technology and Services; Country: United States

  • David Adjaye

    Born: 1966, Dar-Es-Salaam, Tanzania; Company: Adjaye Associates; Position: Founder; Industry: Architectural & Engineering Services; Country: UK

  • Dean Seavers

    Dean Seavers

    Born: c. 1961, Sandusky, Ohio, USA; Position: President US, Executive Director of National Grid plc; Company: National Grid plc.; Industry: Utilities; Country: United States

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