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  • Jeff Clanagan

    Jeff Clanagan

    Position: President; Company: CodeBlack Films, Lionsgate Entertainment; Industry: Entertainment; Country: United States

  • Roderick D. Gillum

    Born: Detroit, Michigan Company: General Motors Corporation (GM) Position: Vice President Corporate Responsibility and Diversity Industry: Automotive Country: United States

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  • Malik Ducard

    Born: c. 1973* Position: Global Head of Family & Learning at YouTube, Company: Google Inc., Industry: Media, Country: United States

  • Mark D. Goodman

    Mark D. Goodman

    Position: President and Chief Executive Officer; Company: Colorado Nut Company; Industry: Food & Beverages; Country: United States

  • Russell Simmons

    Born: October 4, 1957, Queens, NY; Company: Def Jam, Phat Form, Rush Communications, UniRush; Position: Co-Founder; Industry: Media, Financial Services; Country: United States

  • George Dowdie

    Position: Senior Vice President-Global Research & Development and Quality; Company: Campbell Soup Company; Industry: Food; Country: United States

  • Michael Lee-Chin

    Born: Port Antonio, Jamaica, 1951; Net Worth (2016): $2.1 billion; Company: Portland Holdings Inc.; Position: Founder, Executive Chairman; Industry: Financial Services; Country: Canada, Jamaica

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